The New Fly Fisher - Special Edition #1

This is our top-selling instructional episodes all in one great package. From nymphing to streamer fishing, this series is a must have for any fly fisher who wants to learn more. Titles include: Prospecting for Trout, Advanced Streamer Techniques, Strike Indicator Techniques, Advanced Nymphing Strategies.

Prospecting for Trout

Author Tom Rosenbauer travels to the Ausable River in upstate New York and presents a fascinating show that instructs anglers on how to properly search for trout on rivers. A must see episode for novice and veteran anglers!

Advanced Streamer Techniques

One of our favourite ways to catch big fish is to use streamers. In this truly educational episode, we teach you why big trout feed on baitfish, ideal patterns to use and why, necessary, fly line options and retrieve techniques to help you vastly improve your streamer techniques. A must see episode!

Strike Indicator Techniques

This special episode goes into great detail to teach you how and when to use strike indicators. These useful tools will help improve your catch ratio and also ensure your presentations are correct. A great show for all levels of angler.

Advanced Nymphing Strategies

Nymphing is truly one of the deadliest ways to catch big fish of literally any species. In this special instructional episode, we go into great detail to describe everything you need to know to become a much better nymph fly fisher. A must see episode for beginners to veteran anglers.

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