The New Fly Fisher - Special Edition #2

This special package of four instructional episodes includes: Two-Handed Steelheading, Swinging Streamers, Fighting Big Fish, and Caddis & Emergers.

Two-Handed Steelheading

The New Fly Fisher visits the little town of Ben Miller in Huron County, Ontario to visit with Mike Verhouf of Flyfitters Guide Service. Mike takes the mystery out of long rods and shows how easy it is to use this two handed instrument.

Swinging Streamers

The New Fly Fisher examines one of the deadliest techniques available to fly fishers, swinging streamers. Watch this technique work in Ontario for huge brook trout, and then in Labrador for salmon.

Fighting Big Fish

Once you have mastered the basics of fly-fishing you will soon begin catching some big fish. But how to properly fight and land them. How do you do this in a way that ensures good catch-and-release survivability? In this special show, Bill Spicer teaches the fundamentals of fighting big fish of any species.

Caddis & Emergers

The Columbia River near the scenic town of Castlegar, B.C. is arguable the largest tail water fishery on the planet and is home to a huge population of caddisflies. Join host Phil Rowley and guest Dwayne D'Andrea from Mountain Valley Sports Fishing as they show you the equipment and tactics necessary to take advantage of pods of large rainbows sipping caddis adults and emergers in the large back eddies the Columbia is famous for.

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